Occupational Therapy

Description of Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational therapy at The Keswell School follows educational, health and rehabilitative service professional guidelines focusing on helping young children and adolescents to successfully participate in all aspects of life through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations).

Among one of the most common areas of challenge for individuals with an ASD is their ability to effectively receive, process and respond to sensory information that may be both external and internal. Occupational therapists possess extensive professional training and a unique overall ability to identify and address such challenges. Through a variety of techniques and approaches we help children and adolescents become more tolerant of and comfortable with challenging sensory experiences. By identifying calming and/or stimulating sensory experiences that are particular and unique for each child we help create supportive programs that increase their coping abilities, improve frustration tolerance and maximize their learning potential. Progressively students become more aware of their bodies and sensory needs and are helped to discover and incorporate helpful strategies that provide positive paths to expresses and deal with discomfort and distress.

At the same time we work with children, and adolescents to develop physical, mental, and perceptual skills that will help them be successful during self-care tasks, activities of daily living, academic learning, sports and recreation and to develop prevocational and vocational skills. By addressing difficulties with overall large and small muscle strength and coordination, muscle tone, motor planning and dyspraxia, ocular motility and/or visual attention we work on the development of foundational skills that are necessary components of efficient daily performance