Our Model

The Keswell School utilizes an integrated educational model focused on helping children learn academic, communication, motor and social skills to maximize their adaptation to their natural environment. Our educational model is firmly rooted in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an evidence-based treatment supported by peer reviewed studies as the most effective teaching method for children with autism. Related services are integrated into the ABA framework. The Keswell School uses best practices in both speech and occupational therapies in conjunction with social skills training and peer interaction. In addition, The Keswell School schedules an extended day, ensuring students receive the recommended 40 hours per week of intensive instruction.

All aspects of ABA including DTT, NET, errorless learning, incidental teaching, shaping and positive reinforcement are utilized to maximize effective teaching and increase generalization to the natural environment. Children receive an extensive multi-disciplinary IEP that is individualized to maximize growth, generalization and adaptation. Behavior Intervention plans using positive practices, and teaching appropriate replacement behaviors, are outlined for each student to increase social and adaptive skills and reduce problem behaviors.

The Keswell School’s one-to-one student-teacher ratio allows for individualized educational programs that reinforce each student’s ability to realize his or her fullest developmental potential. The educational team analyzes each child’s program to create a curriculum that uses the best accepted techniques, and reviews it daily, making alterations as needed.